Sunny California

70-75 degrees they said, sunny and no humidity they said. It’s 90 degrees and I’m DYING. If I could have been born and raised in Alaska, that would have been fine by me. Myself and heat don’t mix well.

Nevertheless, here we are, in sunny, gorgeous, California! Disneyland has been nothing short of amazing (and god damn hot). Much different from Disney World, which is what we’re used to, but still incredible. They have some of the same rides and some originals. The two parks face each other and our hotel is a rock throw away. Overall it’s been an unbeatable vacation. So, because I didn’t think it would be hot as hell, I left my bathing suit at home. Brilliant decision on my part. So here I am, writing my first blog post in my soaking wet tank top, bra, and $13 gift shop Mickey shorts because I HAD to jump in the pool, bathing suit or not. I would have melted otherwise.

Normally, I’m extremely prepared and organized. I’ve been checking the weather obsessively for weeks and here in California, it hasn’t budged (Massachusetts is another story. A quick sample 5 day forecast — 80 and sunny–> 20 and sleet–> 60 and cloudy–> -10 and 6 feet of snow–>90 and humid). 70-75 the weather app said everyday for weeks for Southern California. And here we are, 90 degrees and getting awkward stares by the pool from prepared tourists in their American flag bikinis and Donald Duck swim trunks.

I could care less, as long as im not dying of heat. At least my daughter, Jules, is having a blast, currently transforming into a very pale raisin. Regardless of todays heat, if I had to move anywhere other than Massachusetts, Southern California would be it. This place is incredible. So much to do, so much to see, so many places to Uber to and from.

Many people asked me when I booked this trip, “are you renting a car?” Let me just pay upwards of $60 a day for a vehicle to drive around an unfamiliar area, pay for parking everywhere I go AND fight LA traffic. Sounds like a grand time, not. So Uber it is. We’ve used Uber 9 times since arriving Tuesday. Most experiences have been great, good service and good conversation. Until last night.

June was his name, Bible thumping was his game. The ride started out fine, he was very chatty, even sang along with Jules to songs on the radio and asked about our trip. About halfway through the 90 minute ride, he asked Jules “do you attend church?” Seemingly harmless question, she answered ‘yes’ as we recently started attending again after my grandfathers death. Wrong. She should have lied, like I teach her never to do, because it caused the next 40 minutes of our ride to turn into pure torture. We found ourselves trapped in a Honda Civic with a Jehovas Witness.

This guy was no joke. He didn’t stop for a single second. He went into details as to how he used to be in a GANG and frequented JAIL often. He used to sell DRUGS and owned lots of GUNS until he found God. At this point, I was ready to make up some excuse to get the hell out of this guy’s back seat, only we were in the middle of the highway. I assured myself that he is a changed man (as he claimed) and would get us back safely, because God. He explained to us that attending church will do us no good, we have to sacrifice ourselves to God and only he can free us. He quoted verses from the Bible, word for word. Jules played games on her phone completely ignoring this looney tune while I was stuck, not trying to be rude, in conversation. Needless to say, as soon as we got back to the hotel, we booked it to our room. Jules looked at me and said “he’s one of those people! One of those people Nonna can’t stand…. A… Ja… Ja…. Jehovas Witness, right, Mommy?!” We both just died laughing together as we kept looking behind us to make sure he wasn’t following. Only in an Uber. Only me.

Im super sad that tomorrow is our last day in sunny California, but I’m glad that this trip inspired me to begin blogging again. So much to write about, I really can’t make this life up.

Until next time!

Much love,

Ashleigh xoxo


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