Hello everyone!

My name is Ashleigh, welcome to my blog about my daughter Jules and myself and our crazy ever changing life! I am a 27 year old mother to an amazingly smart, funny, sassy, talented 11 year old daughter. We are from Western Massachusetts and love living here!

A little bit about me, I was a dancer, a soccer player, a social butterfly in my younger days (circa 2005). My life changed drastically when I became pregnant at 16 years old. I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”. I wasn’t troubled, I wasn’t going in the wrong direction, it was a freak “first time, prom night” scenario. My daughter changed my life for the better and deciding to raise her was never a question. I cannot imagine life without her. Together, we can get through anything and I am beyond lucky to call her mine.

I am currently a full time (and then some!) Radiologic Technologist aka X-Ray tech for one of the largest health care systems in the North East. I love my job and my patients and the things I get to experience everyday. This is truly my dream career and I am lucky enough to say I love what I do. And if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!

In my spare time (which is hardly existent) I love to spend time with my daughter, family and friends, cook, read, write, plan events, go for long walks, be outside, and last but not least, drink wine! I love wine and everything to do with wine. I spend lots of time in the summer visiting different vineyards and wineries with family and friends. It is most certainly one of my favorite things to do!

Jules, my beautiful Jules, she is 11 years old, currently attending 5th grade classes and is much like her mother, the class social butterfly. She loves her friends and talking with them on FaceTime often. She enjoys making Musical.ly’s, singing in the shower and making dance videos. She also loves to cook, read, draw, play the clarinet and swim. She aspires to go to Yale someday because she relates us to Lorelei and Rory Gilmore, so she insists Yale is the place for her.

Jules is one of a kind because even on my toughest day, she can make me smile. On my best day, she can push my buttons, and then make me smile again. She is by far the best thing to happen to me and my reason for everything, my reason for writing this blog.